Monday, June 25, 2007

U.S .Beats Mexico Wins Gold Cup

I have hated the Mexican team ever since the 2002 World Cup when they took whatever class they had left in a team, collectively shat it into a plastic bag and waited to hurl it at the U.S. team the next time they visited Azteca Stadium. If you haven't watched that game and think that I might be exaggerating, find it on the internets, it's out there. It was what would one describe in the vernacular as "losing your shit." The president of Mexico cried. The U.S. has had Mexico's number since. Actually the record is 9-2-1 since 200. Which makes beating them for the Gold CUp not so remarkable. What is remarkable is that it was a come from behind victory. The U.S. doesn't win from come behind victories. They get a goal early and hope for the best. This is a big big change. It could mark a major turning point. Maybe Clint Dempsey and Demarcus Beasely's fuck you attitude has finally worn off. Maybe Frankie Hejduk cremated Tony Sanneh and fed his ashes to the youngsters to remind them that that was the attitude that drove them through Korea. Europe can laugh at our soccer, but goddamn, we have to play Mexico. It's no small task. Speaking of which, Thursday brings Argentina. Lets hope the changed lineup can keep up the attitude.

Who the hell is Benny Feilhaber?


Ed said...

I was asking the same thing-that goal was (as Kumar) "sweeeeeeet"

He plays for Hamburg SV, I guess he's good-

My prediction for the Argentina match: 3-1, Argentina. Hate to say it, but the U.S. team is tired, and I worry about the defense...

wwc said...

tired? but it's not the same players...unless you mean tired like 'broke.'

Ed said... "tired" I meant, "relatively inexperienced"


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