Wednesday, June 27, 2007

IMDB posters are the stupidest people in the world?

Who is stupider: People who post at IMDB? People who post on YOUTUBE? Or people who post on that site about what lyrics mean?

Under the heading, "So fake! C'mon guys! "
Some super-genius blows the whole premise of Man Vs. Wild wide open.

One episode he built a raft and then set sail in the ocean. There is a shot that was taken ON the raft, then we see a wide shot of the entire raft without a camera in sight. This means there was another boat big enough to fit camera men and producers that was right beside him. He is in no way risking his life! They probably even have local guides. I'm telling you, behind that camera is like seven or eight people....all with a waiting hotel rooms and transportation. Bear probably does his scenes and heads to town himself.

Really? You think that they didn't fit the entire camera crew on his handmade raft? Thank you for opening our eyes. This is like the asshole that tells you, "Hey man, most of them homeless dudes got houses and money and shit. I know what they're up to." Wow. Keep fightin' the system man.

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