Wednesday, June 13, 2007

youtube dump

there are several youtube links i have been meaning to get around to but i see them as a kind of clutter so i refrain, and then they pile up. so, i will just dump them all on you here.

1: In junior high I used to always do Ultimate Warrior impersonations on the back of the bus-we all had our own special wrestler-I thought that his unique brand of insanity was just a product of my memory. Apparently not. I guess everyone thought he was crazy. Behold!

2: I was aware that the Ultimate Warrior had become a speaker on the crazy conservative circuit. This is him now. I don't know who made this and I know it is juvenile, but I can't stop laughing given what a spazz this guy is. !Mirad!

Here are three songs that have been stuck in my head for the past week.

1: I am well known as a Nazi when it comes to musical taste. However, I slip from time to time. Maybe it isn't a slip, maybe I just appreciate well written songs. In any case, I think that Hanson puts together good tunes and that Nelson's 'After the Rain' was spot on. About the second time I heard 'Since You've Been Gone' I thought, 'I'm scared to admit it, that is a good song.' I will note that the lyric "I'm so moving on" sounds really forced; like a record executive said, "I got some shit that teenage girls can say! it sounds" Anyway, I guess Ted Leo agrees with me. Great minds huh. I'll give you his version as he is moderately more talented than me (cries in shame in the corner). Witness.
p.s. if anyone knows where i can get a hold of ted's acoustic cover of 'spirit of radio' please let me know.
p.p.s. as i live in japan, i have know idea who the yeah yeah yeah are, but i think i should sue them on behalf of the yes yes y'all.

2. I used to listen to this album so much in junior high, but it really holds up. Man Johnette Napolitano has got some sick pipes. Anyway. Concrete Blonde. In your face.

3. I saw Ministry live in New Orleans in 1992. It was outside and had rained all day at the Lakefront. I remember the water kind of leaping from the puddles, like when the Tyrannosaurus Rex approached during Jurassic Park, as Ministry played. They are the loudest band I have ever heard in my life. The strange thing is that, while watching this video, I couldn't think of William S. Burroughs name. There was certainly a time in my life that he was way more important than remembering a random Ministry song. Scary. For You.


Ed said...

I actually like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song Gold Lion

wwc said...

but ed, they stole our name! we must take action.

Ed said...

Apparently, the band has been using that name since 2000, so...technically we stole their name.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.