Wednesday, June 20, 2007

my bad summer

ed, do you remember the Yachonna where I played this and the crowd reaction was about the same as if I farted into the mic. Anyway, it was funny to me. What else did I play? It was all this kind of stuff and one Jr/Sr song, which Fiona tried to stop me from playing....i think. I just remember everyone staring at me.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad i could straighten things out for you. what kind of wack-ass party were you at that folks weren't feeling da dip? was it a funeral?

i'm starting my own blog to discuss how wrong that video is. a virtual reality view finder? that robot? did we just accept that stuff in '97? i think i would remember us talking about such things. -summer

Ed said...

I somehow don't remember that incident...perhaps I was upstairs in the VIP室(笑)

In terms of funerals, when that party died, the possibility of having a good time at a club in Miyazaki died as well...

wwc said...

That event was its own funeral. Maybe you were being VIPed at the time. I played all Miami Bass and New Orleans booty music. I remember Shiho and her well dressed friend with the perfect teeth sitting uncomfortably in the corner and me laughing at everyone just kind of standing there looking at me. I think I was doing the early set. I did a repeat of the same set on the radio show that week. I think I also played Juvenile. The set list is at the station somewhere...i think.

Summer, what do you mean about that video being wrong? It is so so right. Princess Leia even showed up. She be like, "Someone said I-10 and I be like 'you know I gots to, uh.'"
See, there has been a lot of talk about post-Katrina NOLA not getting fixed, but they don't realize that that motherfucker was always broke. Look at that video.

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