Sunday, July 1, 2007

basbeall team that will never be called great

Here is my all-time team of baseball players who will never be called great.

1st- J.T. Snow. I like first baseman who can play defense. Snow was exceptional. I also like that he was a switch hitter who gave it up and went lefty; an interesting choice.

2nd- Mark Lemke. The man could turn a double play. I think the times have changed greatly. A guy like Lemke could start up the middle for a championship team. He also tried to become a knuckleball pitcher. Props.

SS- Rafael Belliard. Again, remember there was a time when guys like Raffy could play in a World Series game. I remember watching his second, and final, career home run. I think it was against Pittsburgh. The guy could field like a maniac too.

3rd- Rex Hudler. I didn't realize Rex was doing so well after his playing career until I looked him up just now. I just remember him as the crazy dude who always showed up on This Week in Baseball yelling about something.

LF- Brady Anderson. The 1990s at Camden Yards were great times. Brady, with the posters of him in his underpants, was a rad left fielder with no arm to speak of. He had speed, and a little pop in his bat. His aberrant home run season makes me like him less actually. He had great sideburns though.

CF- Brett Butler. I still remember the day he got traded by the Braves. You would have thought someone had died, or we had lost a war. I loved his giant glove and his wicked bunting. That's awesome that there was a dude who just set around practicing bunting all of the time. I understand that he is a crazy born-again, pro-life Christian now. Again, an outfielder with no arm.

RF- Michael Tucker. I went to a Braves game one July on the way up to camp with Brandon. Maddux was pitching and the game was on Fox. Tucker got a home run and was awesome in the field. Baseball is weird like that. If i had only seen him that day and someone had told me that he was one of the legends of the game, I would have believed it. When you see him play in person, he just so much looks the baseball player.

C- Javy Lopez. He was going to be the player of the future. Does anyone remember when he was in the minor leagues and was known for his base stealing? He had that flick throw behind the runner at first and his home runs would hang up in the air like massive pop-flies. Still kind of sad that he only turned out to be a little better than average.

P- Bill Lee. Probably the closest to greatness. "What was your best pitch?" "A strike." Put weed in his pancakes and ran to the ballpark. Was also a bad-ass pitcher.

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