Saturday, July 28, 2007

Why Japan is Ridiculous

I have been trying to find a storage space to keep my stuff in while I am gone to Miyazaki. I finally got a list of places last night. I called one today and talked to them for a while about which room would be best and how to make a contract. I wanted the room that was about $60 a month. That seems pretty reasonable. The lady said, "Okay so that will be $250." "But I just want the room that is $60." "Yes, that is the introduction fee plus two months insurance and the rental for one month."

Everything in Japan comes down to this bullshit. I think I am just going to sell everything except for my computer and my clothes and see what happens. And people wonder why I have no money. It is because my life is a series of this happening.

If you are looking for storage space, or 'trunk room', in Kyoto, then here are some links.

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