Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Impeach Now!

They are laughing at you. They are sitting there and laughing at you. Mumia Abu Jamal is still in jail. Leonard Peltier is still in jail. Genralow Wilson spent years in jail for a blow-job. Thousands of people who were holding weed are still in jail. Tons of people who were on the wrong side of mandatory minimums are still in jail. Even Paris Hilton did her time in jail. What do you think happened to Valerie Plame's contacts in foreign countries the day her name came out? Do you think they got $250,000 dollar fines and probation? People died. People died. And right now, everyone in the White House is sitting there looking out laughing and waiting to run out the clock. With Scooter Libby's pardon they have announced that no one will be held accountable for anything that happens under the Bush reign. This is a disaster and a farce. How many more people have to die? It has to stop now. Impeach!

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