Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Let's Teaching Junior High!

-I have two sisters one older and one the same.
-You're a twin?
-How can I tell you apart?
-Her eyes are different.
-They're blue?
-Well, what is you first name so I won't confuse the two of you?
-And what is your sister's name?
-.......................................... Is she in a club too?
-The same; basketball club.
-So if one of you fouls out you can sneak back in?
-We play at the same time.

-Mr. Okubo, why don't you introduce yourself.
-(In Japanese) I don't want to. I can't speak English.
-That is why you are in English class.
-(In Japanese) I don't know what you are talking about, I can't speak English.

This goes on for a while with patches of English and a lot of silence.

-Last question Mr. Okubo: What do you want to be?
-A translator in America.

Mr. Yano-What do you want to be?
-A musician
-What do you play?
-Do you play the drums?
-Do you have a drumset?
-Where do you practice?
-You don't practice?
-But you want to be a musician?

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