Sunday, July 1, 2007

I love my dead gay job/I studied latin what did you ever do?

This week both of my schools were undergoing the national tests. Thursday and Friday I had nothing to do at work so I finally started studying Latin, like I had planned to do for the past month. I highly recommend this site if you are interested in doing the same. I am sure it will get much more difficult but after being hung up on kanji for the last half decade, studying in normal letters seems like a relief. I can already say Diana feras silvae necat. 'Diana kills the beasts of the forest.'

One school let me go after two hours because there was really nothing going on. Mikuni told me to show up late. I went to English club which was three girls that can't speak English and one who could who translated everything for the others. One of the girls is nuts and only cares about the Biohazard movie and whether sharks eat people in America.

The good part was I went to the judo club's practice. Mikuni has a pretty nice martial arts room up on the third floor. The kids, after having tests all day, practice insanely hard for over two hours. Their ne-waza (grappling on the ground) was garbage though. I tired to give them some advice but I really have no idea what you can and can't do when it comes to junior high judo so I probably just confused them, I wanted to get in there and start gogo-plataing some teenagers but....Of course, I think the way they go about practice is self-defeating but that applies to most Japanese practices of anything. After practice, the judo coach, who had earlier invited me to the male staff drinking party and who's teeth are rotting out, showed me his secret room in the school. Apparently he teaches first year students computers, so they built a computer room for them. There was an empty room left off behind the classroom so he brought up an old refrigerator, some couches and a weight bench. He told me I could hang out there if I wanted because the office was probably boring for me and that I could drink the tea out of the fridge. He also told me he has to drink a beer and three glasses of shyochu just to go to sleep every night. "I'm an alcoholic." He told me. Crazy how frank you can afford to be about these things here. Alcoholic is just another thing you can be.

In any case it is the first time I have had a job that I liked since I left JET. I liked the hospital but it was only one day a week. There were times at Kingsbury were I was able to go surfing everyday and got along well with all of my students. But as for actually enjoying the job.....I'm sure something will happen to change this....maybe....I don't know.

attempting to silence the voices in my head.